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A little about me...

Bringing smiles and happiness to those around me is my main goal in all I do.  My paintings come from my heart and their purpose is to bring a little sunshine to your heart each time you look at them.

I began painting as a outlet to express my creativeness and I enjoy creating anything and everything that inspires happiness and love in others. Over many years, I have developed my own style and techniques which I feel make my work stand apart from the many talented artists today. 


My wish is that you enjoy my art and that it makes your day a little brighter. If you see something you like but it's not the right size, drop me a note and let's chat about it.  These are finished pieces but I'd love to do one for you that fits your specific needs. And I have more pieces in the studio that aren't shown here.

Thanks for visiting and check back often to see new paintings!

Peace and love,


(a.k.a. Pirate Monkey)